” Pakistan’s Disappearing Hindus”

22 October 2012

“The political system works against minorities in Pakistan, dovetailing wealth, power, and sectarianism….. ”


” Soon after partition, Hindus constituted over 15 per cent of Pakistan’s population but now make up less than two per cent.”

Forced conversion

“The Asian Human Rights Commission reported 20-25 kidnappings and forced conversions of Hindu girls in Sindh every month. The Hindu population, especially those living in Larkana and Sakkhar divisions of Sindh, were mostly affected by forced conversions, kidnapping for ransom, and other forms of harassment.”

“Pakistani officials do not openly admit forced conversion but rather claim such incidents are voluntary. However if these conversions were largely voluntary, they would have occurred throughout all segments of the Hindu population, irrespective of age. Instead, a majority of conversions involve young, attractive Hindu girls, and are often linked to incidents of forced marriage.

A pertinent example of this is the Rinkle Kumari case. Nineteen-year old Kumari was allegedly kidnapped by the influential local politician Mian Abdul Haq (aka Mian Mithhoo) of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party and forcibly married to his son. The Dargah Aalia Qadria Bharchoondi Sharif madrassa, where Kumari was converted, is headed by Mithhoo and is popular for converting Hindu girls. It reportedly aims to convert 2,000 Hindus to Islam every year….”

“Local, national and international media and civil society groups need to proactively expose the elements behind forced conversions, regardless of their party affiliation and influence, and put pressure on fanatics to refrain from such adventurism and the government to act swiftly to prevent such occurrences.

It is also high time that the Pakistani authorities went the extra mile to restore the confidence of minorities by taking punitive measures against those that would target them.”



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