“Muslim tortured punished son to death over his Koran failure “

Freethinker shares yet another Islamic horror story . . . this from the UK.

THE parents of a seven-year-old boy are on trial at Cardiff Crown Court in connection with his death – but, curiously, the BBC, in this report, fails to report that Yaseen Ali Ege was allegedly beaten to death because of his failure to get to grips with the Koran.

Sare Ege admitted she been hitting Yassen with a stick, in her own words, “like a dog”, for three months before the fire, the court heard.

The prosecution claims that she beat him so severely on the day of the fire that he died.

It was also found that the fire was started deliberately. Ege admitted pouring lighter fuel over her son’s body, the jury was told, saying:

I know he was gone but I was just trying to protect myself.

It is only in this BBC video that the Islamic connection is made. It describes Ege as “a highly educated woman” and her husband a “property developer” and that:

Both were renowned for being devoutly religious. As Yaseen failed to memorise long passages of the Koran, she became more and more angry with him.

The bigger problem I see is that the BBC did not report why the child was beaten to death and set on fire. He wasn’t memorizing a primitive religious text quickly enough, so he had to die . . . and the BBC is unwilling to report this fact? What’s going on over there?


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